Design & Construction

Premium Timberlog uses a unique prefabricated interlocking system where high quality pieces of timber are pre-cut and slotted to fit together. This entire system is delivered to you as a simple to assemble kit.

Construct Your Timberlog Building in just 4 Easy Steps

1. Prepare the Foundation

(or hire an expert)

Design & Construction

2. We Deliver Your Building Kit

Walls, Doors, Windows & More!

Design & Construction

3. Pre-Cut Pieces Slot Together

For Simple DIY or Quick Contractors

Design & Construction

4. Customize for Your Style

Stain, Paint, or Accessorize!

Design & Construction

Full Assembly Sequence of the Three Bedroom Frontier

All Timberlog Models Utilize the Same Proprietary Interlocking Construction Method. Choose Your Building Type Below to Find Your Ideal Model!

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